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Facilities and Equipment

Here is a list of equipment we use in our office.

  • Anterior Segment Camera
  • Corneal Atlas Topography
  • Laser Optical Coherence Topography
  • Retinal Camera
  • Visual Fields (Humphrey and Matrix)

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Anterior Segment Camera

Used primarily in the evaluation and management of dry eye, lid and eye growths/infections, cataracts and injuries.


Anterior 2

Corneal Atlas Topography

Used in evaluation of corneal diseases/ irregular corneas in addition to corneal assessment before any laser corrective surgeries.  It is also used in hard contact lens fittings for keratoconus or any other corneal diseases.


Corneal 2

Laser Optical Coherence Tomography

Used in the evaluation of retinal disorders including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other causes of vision loss uncorrectable with glasses or contact lenses.


Laser 2

Retinal Camera

Used in the evaluation and management of diabetes, high blood pressure,  glaucoma, macular degeneration,  and many more retinal diseases.

Retinal Fundus

Retinal Fundus 2

Visual fields (Humphrey and Matrix)

Used in the evaluation and treatment of glaucoma, macular degeneration, strokes, retinal detachments, and ocular injuries.


Visual 2

ICare “Puff-less” Tonometry

Accurate measurement of eye pressure to help with early detection of glaucoma. Painless and truly Puff-less

icare tonometry

Onsite laboratory includes:

Topcon Edger, Optical Dynamic Casting System, Smart Drill Mounting System, Phantom Tinting System- All used to fabricate your glasses with speed and accuracy.

Humphrey Lens Analyzer

An automated lens system used to analyze and read the prescription from your prior glasses before you are seen by the doctor.



Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, we have made changes in our office.Click here for more info!